Saturday, July 17, 2010

three firsts

Just got back from being locked in at Caribou Coffee during my first tornado warning. We probably should have gone into the bathrooms or back kitchen, but there were kids running the place and we weren't sure what to do. The whole place was windows too, so you can consider me to have had a brush with death tonight.

That "first" reminded me of another first this week - singing Palestrina. Well it was my first singing of Palestrina besides my Protestant The Strife is O'er, at least. I love that I am in a choral concentration right now. facebook heart.

My final first: watching Jersey Shore. Being in the Twin Cities I get asked about that show pretty much every other day. So tonight I bit the bullet and hulu'd it. I have nothing deep or thought-provoking to say about that show at this time. My fault of course.

(Side note: These days I can't feel hot if someone starts flirting w/ me on my commute - it's just that they saw my license plates and are hoping to see Jenni "J-wow" or Nicole "Snookie." Sorry guys, I'm old, blonde, and very, very white.)