Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It [still] takes one to know one. Don't know why that cliche matches all my posts.

Best advice I've heard recently: If you can understand someone, you are one step closer to being like that person.

My boss said that to me and I had never thought of it that way before.

He meant this in the negative sense. Sorry.

Basically, if someone is doing something that bothers me, makes me feel uncomfortable, or is just plain wrong, and I don't understand why they do it, I should put my inborn curiosity to rest and put the situation out of my mind.

I do have curiosity. A lot. My cousin Janet says that I am always ready to see others' viewpoints. That has a huge downside. If I don't understand the 'why' behind someone's sin, I am completely unwilling to call it 'sin'. Its the old 'I have never been in those person's shoes, so how could I judge them?' situation. I gotta know the why. (It's worse when you really respect someone so the questions are even more pressing.) But (I guess thankfully) God has not given us the keys inside each others' psyches.

What he has given us is his Word, with specific instructions on how to live. I can read the Bible and not have to compare myself with others. I can use the Bible to help others who have a different personality than my own. (I can use the Bible to learn how to write without so much parallel structure. Or maybe that's where I get it.) But the Word of God is sufficient for the stuff I need to know...

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