Monday, September 27, 2010

'now say you're sorry!...'

Growing up Christian one often hears youth pastors and other teachers preach against 'going through the motions.'

I am here to preach for it.

Today I had a disagreement with a good friend. She texted me to say she was praying about the issue. I feel deeply that I am right. I don't want to pray about it; I just want her to stop putting me off by 'praying' and listen to my side of the story!

But guess what. Since she's praying, I have to pray too.

I don't want to, probably because she 'thought of it first.' But, I have to.

So, I prayed a prayer that I didn't feel. Lord, please show me the right way to act in this situation and change my heart if need be.

Only in my head it was more like (Becky grits her teeth) Lord... please... show... me... (grunt from exertion) how... to... act...


I will tell my children to apologize after a fight with their siblings, even if they aren't sorry.

I will pray with my children, even if they didn't think of it first.

I will pray that icky prayer again tonight...


  1. In some respects, Becky, I agree with you. In others, I don't. In dealing with children on a daily basis, I DO suggest they first 'talk with God' about thus and such. Then, I tell them, the should talk to the other person involved. Though they are young, they DO understand right from wrong and acceptable behavior v. unacceptable behavior. Inevitably, through much prayer (mine) they 'come around' and initiate the "I'm sorry" phase on their own.
    You stated right, "Lord...change MY heart if need be." It is only human to think the other person is the one who needs to 'change'. Perhaps, when in reality, there is a true lesson in all of it the Lord has for US but in the 'heat of the moment' we are blinded for our need for JUSTICE!
    Just MY thougts on the matter...:-)

  2. Good clarification:) I think asking the students to pray and make personal choices is great. That would be an interesting and maybe even needful experiment for me to stop telling children to say "I'm sorry for hitting you..." and wait for them to initiate.

    I'm just saying that the concept of 'going through the motions' needs to get a little more credit than we often give it.