Saturday, January 8, 2011

Books about snow that you should read to your child.

I'm very interested in reading to children, although I hope I don't overstep my bounds being the music specialist in my elementary school. I slip literature in whenever I can. Here are two snow-themed books that you should read to your children.

Snowflake Bentley tells the story about Wilson A. Bentley, the first person to ever photograph a single snow crystal. The story blends biography with storytelling well and although I think it might be most fitting for 2nd-3rd grade I was even able to interest my preschoolers with it for a few minutes. The artistic storytelling is enhanced by great artwork and pictures of snow crystals.

My mom read Treasures in the Snow to me. Patricia St. John sets her story about children and forgiveness in Switzerland. A small war of revenge between two children, Annette and Lucien, turns almost deadly when Annette's younger brother Dani gets in a life-threatening accident that is Lucien's fault. The concepts of guilt, forgiveness, and reconciliation come alive.

You can read the original 'chapter book' or, if you have a Sunday School class or teach very young children you can get the visual version. The third grade teachers at my school are reading the original version right now.

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  1. I'm totally getting this book next time I go book shopping! - Adam