Thursday, March 25, 2010

it's been a good month

1. Tonight I went to the Egg Harbor City Public Library. I saw the mom of one of my church bus kids. I want to be in Egg Harbor as much as possible so that my heart is with the church bus route I do. And so that I can establish rapport and hopefully friendships.

2. I have started following Justin Taylor and several other related pastor blogs again. I seriously love everything that they write. It's like they know what I'm thinking. (I mean, Chesterton on fairy tales, Hazlitt on Obamacare, St. Patrick on St. Patrick?!?!)

I recently decided that my somewhat unfeminine interest in all things ecclesiastical is going to have to be kept to myself. I mean, what single lady should pull up a chair to a church planting brainstorming session in Starbucks? Maybe reading these blogs is a way to vicariously be involved in these types of discussions. Lame, I know, but I gotta be me.

3. I love my life. I am a musician for my school's spring musical, which means I get to practice piano a lot and learn, from a student who knows, how to use a synth properly in that setting. No creating or managing on this project; just collaborating with great high school students and one amazing teaching colleague.

4. My parents, despite the one hundred and one million ways they exposed me to culture, must have hated musical theater. I am 27 and tonight was the first time I saw Annie.

5. Obviously my Lenten lack of Facebook is finally surfacing in an anemic need to express myself in non-creative ways like I am doing here. Oh, I can tell you what I am doing right now. I am very good at that.

6. I should be finishing my personal statement and studying German pronunciation for girls choir tomorrow.

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  1. So a recent article in The Christian Science Monitor called the bloggers at Together for the Gospel the "rock stars" of new calvinism. How embarrassing. I hate being part of a trend:)